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In compliance with the January 6th 1978 law n°78-17 regarding computer data processing, all
information recorded on this site is reserved to /Univers ER/Eliane Royer
and will not be used for illegal or illicit broadcast/copying or resell to third parties.
Information on the website can be modified at any time without notice
and the content in the entire site (courses, workshops, documents and/or downloads, videos,
graphics, images, video links, texts, all music (including Gloria Kae’s music) & sounds, Zoom
and/or YouTube videos, etc.) belongs to /UNIVER ER/ELIANE ROYER.
Reproduction rights are reserved.
The website falls under Canadian and international copyright and
intellectual property law. All copying or fraudulent usage of the site is
prohibited by law.


You are using a third party direct payment method to buy your service(s). The data processing
of your information is encrypted in accordance with the data security standard set by the
payment card industry (PCI-DSS Standard). Your transaction information is well-preserved as
long as it is necessary to finalize your order. For more information please refer to our service
provider WIX at .
It is important for you to know that you will only receive the link(s) to the service(s) once you
paid for the selected service(s) and we have received confirmation of payment.
We are not responsible for any problems technical or human error or omissions in transferring
this payment confirmation to us from any or all credit cards companies. Should there be such a
problem it is your responsibility to follow up with your credit card provider.


Third party service providers will generally take and share your information only to complete
transactions related to your account or order(s). However, because all service providers have
their how Privacy Policies with laws from around the world, we recommend you read their
policies so to be informed and decide if you want to continue your order(s) processing with
As soon as you have a payment transaction, be advice that you then deal with a third party
service provider such as a bank. When dealing with a third party service provider, and Eliane Royer are not responsible for your transaction(s) nor the
confidentiality related to your transactions and you than have to follow up, yourself, with the
service provider or bank for any issues with your transaction(s).

We take precautions to protect your personal data. Wix is our direct service provider and is a
well-known and serious company. For more information on their policies and protections
please go this link:


When using the site you declare that you are of legal age in your country
of origin and of legal age where you are utilising the site, also, that you have given us your
consent for any minor under your care for utilizing the site; and Eliane
Royer are in no way responsible of any consent you may have given any child under your care. and its owner Eliane Royer are in no way responsible for any danger or
risks to minors under your care/responsibility and by signing the RELEASE AND WAIVER OF
LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT below, you acknowledge that you are fully
responsible for any child under your care or around you while using or website and third party
websites such as Zoom, You Tube, etc. linked to or on


Just like you we dislike spam therefor we never sell your data to anyone. We will keep your
email information to communicate directly with you or to send you information about our
company. We do however remind you that our third service providers have different policies
on personal data so you must validate their policies as at are not
responsible in any way shape or form for these third party services policies.


Our company will donate up to 50K a year to be divided between the environmental non-profit
organisations personally chosen by Eliane Royer’ criteria’s: 4Ocean (pick-up plastic pollution in
oceans and on beaches), Kiss the Ground (informs and helps ground biodiversity among others)
and UQAC-Carbone Boreal (plants trees and codes them in a proven database to counter
carbon emissions). This list is subject to change without notice.
7. ZUMBA ®

Zumba ™ or Zumba ® and their logos are trademarks belonging to Zumba Fitness LLC. Rules and
regulations of their trademarks are here:
The owner of the website is a Zin member and can use Zumba ™ or
Zumba® and their logos when teaching or advertising teaching courses in respect of rules and
regulations of Zumba Fitness LLC.

8. MFER toning or M-Fer© toning

M-Fer © is a trademark that belongs to Eliane Royer.

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