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2 Classes a Week / COMING JANUARY 2023 Zoom Live Classes

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You’ve hear time and time again that meditation can help you ground yourself, be more relaxed, but you don’t have time to sit for an hour! And where would you start anyway? PERFECT FOR All beginners. HOW IT WORKS Meditation certainly doesn’t have to be complicated nor a chore. This course is perfect to help you find out which style’s best suited for you. Your certified instructor will guide you through some of the most common types of meditation. You will have a short explanation and then a guided practice. The courses are twice a week, the first day is more theory and the second more practice -although they all have both. The classes are short because it is difficult at first - for most people- to sit still a long time. Gaining comfort and ease in meditation takes practice and patience. When beginning a meditation practice, what’s most important is to meditate consistently and not give up. BENEFITS Meditation has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, relieve depression, increase productivity, and promote creative thinking and lower stress. EQUIPMENT Comfortable clothes, a vest if you think you’ll get chilly. Optional, you might also enjoy a pillow for your comfort. Also optional is a webcam during Zoom Live Classes. ACCESS You’ll need to accept the waiver before having access to all courses. Please be advised that the quality of your videos & sounds depends greatly on the quality of your internet provider. SCHEDULED ZOOM LIVE CLASSES Mondays and Wednesdays 16:00 EASTERN TIME (Canada) Duration: 15 minutes per class/ 2x a week Price: TBD$ CAD taxes/fees/donation included At the end of session you receive the PDF of the course. A minimum of 33 people are required to start the classes. ON DEMAND - Coming soon! Schedule: 24hrs/24hrs Go to our ON DEMAND Page

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