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How to look about 10 years younger

No Botox, no surgery, no laser! Think it can't be done? Think again.

  • 44 Canadian dollars

Service Description

IN ENGLISH - CET ATELIER EST EN ANGLAIS I created this course after being asked time and time again what I was doing to look so much younger than my chronological age. So here, I'm going to give you all of my tricks, no hold back. It's not going to be just about sleep and drinking water which of course are important, but I'll share my global approach, some technics and all I use including my supplements (no sales pitch/no commission). Some will surprise you I'm sure. You can decide to do just a few or all of them depending on your budget. Some are sooo simple. You will soon feel better and younger. You will need face oil and clean hands in part 2 (after break). Price includes all fees and taxes. SPECIAL PRICING FOR IG LAUNCH 44$ instead of 111$. ZOOM MEETING CODES WILL BE SENT VIA EMAIL. We do 30 minutes, take a 2 minute break, do another 30 minutes. 1 HOUR IS SCHEDULED BUT NORMALLY WE GO OVER. Limited space. See you there! Important Note: Although I want to be as inclusive as possible as well as respectful, I'm a woman and the course is based on my personal experience as such. Some of the products I use are for or are more beneficial for my gender. I apologize for any/all inconvenience.

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